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Replacement Power Supply for DELL H950EF-00 computer PSU 950W

Maximum transmission power supply replacement - DELL H950EF-00 pc power supply 950W. H950EF-00 power supplies are compatible with DELL T5820 T7820 T7920. Shopping H950EF-00 pc power online, more discount and money-saving. Check your DELL output power and voltage(Ref 80Plus) before you order H950EF-00 pc PSU service. Cost-effective computer power supply charging replacement, please visit for more information.


  • Brand : DELL power supply

  • Input Voltage : 100-240V~13.06-6.5A 50*60Hz

  • Ouput Volatge : 12VDC==/79.16A,-12VDC==/0.5A,+12VSB==/5A +12VDC,-12VDC AND +12VSB O2 950W

H950EF-00 replacement model:

H950EF-00 0CXV28 WGCH4 CXV28

Compatiblet with DELL T5820 T7820 T7920:

DELL T5820 T7820 T7920

How to maintain DELL H950EF-00 computer power supply

1. Remove the fan. Disconnect the main power supply first, and unplug the input and output cables on the back of the power supply. Next, unplug and connect all the accessories connected to the power supply, remove the fixing screws of the power supply box, and take out the power supply box. Observe the appearance of the power supply box, remove the screws reasonably and accurately, and remove the cover. When taking the cover, the wires should be pulled out according to the gap at the same time. Remove the four screws that secure the fan and remove the fan. You can not solder the two power cables temporarily.
2. Clean the dust. After separating the power supply board and the fan with cardboard, use a small brush or a damp cloth to wipe the dust and wipe it clean. It is also possible to use dust from the fan to blow fan blades and bearings.
3. Add lubricant. Peel off the sticker and use a needle-nose pliers to pick out the rubber seal. Find the motor bearing, add lubricant, and when you use the fan to move the fan, make the lubricant flow evenly along the bearing, then add a few drops. Pay attention to whether the fan of the ball bearing has two bearings. Don't neglect the oil feeding to the bearing on the wind side. The oil can't be placed on the main shaft only. Lubricating oils must use computer-specific lubricants or advanced lightweight sewing machine oils. Never use the lubricants used in automobiles. Finally, install the rubber sealing sheet and label it.

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